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As a company our goal is to help others dedicate themselves to maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle.Β Our mission is to provide our customers with premium supplements and fitness products that will help you to achieve your physical & mental health milestones.

Vegan Gummies

Improve your stress levels and fullfill your nutrition needs with our premium line of vegan gummies!

Reviews from our customers:


I added the scoop of this Powerful Peach mix into a shaker bottle, with room temperature filtered water. It mixed very well, I didn’t notice any clumping or sediment. To it’s credit, a serving only has 0.5g sugar, and only 5 calories!

Greg Gnemik
Los Angeles, CA

I got the optimistic orange. Initially, I found it to be a little bit too sweet for my taste, but I just cut it with extra water and that solve the problem quickly and easily. Historically I’ve used a high-quality BCAA. After taking this for about a month, the results seem to be right on par with what I have been using. Yes, I think this is a little bit expensive, but so is what I currently use.

E. Lamoureaux
Houston, TX.

As this is a supplement product, I can base my recommendation of using this item for several days. I was very impressed with the quality of the product, the packaging, the product being sealed and unopened and compared to other similar supplement products I have used this item performed equal or better.

Marc T.
West Islip, NY.

This is a good idea - BCAA's + electrolytes. After a hard workout I like a drink like this to rehydrate me and give me proper amino acids. It mixes well with water. And it tastes good - and it's not loaded with sugar. Five stars for sure!

Shane Ciminelli
Grand Teton, WY

It's very hot where I live and keeping hydrated is essential. If you're in the heat and especially if you're working outside or working out, you can quickly become dehydrated before you know it. This BCAA powder by Motivated Mindset tastes really good, almost like Tang orange drink :)

Rosie Elmander
Seattle, WA.
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