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You already know about the benefits of drinking green tea, but have you heard about matcha green tea powder? Put simply, matcha is made when young green tea leaves are harvested and ground down into a powder. All you have to do is mix the powder into some hot water and enjoy! 

What’s so special about matcha? Why can’t you just drink regular green tea? Well, the great thing about drinking matcha powder is the fact that you’re able to consume the actual green tea leaves. Remember, they’ve been ground into a powder. Compare that to drinking tea, which involves dipping the dried leaves into hot water and then removing them before drinking the tea.  

Need an energy boost, but don’t want to turn to coffee or energy drinks? Then you’ll also be happy to discover that matcha contains more caffeine than regular green tea. So if you’ve been in search of a healthier pick-me-up, this might be it.  

Top Features:

  • Serving size is ½ teaspoon
  • No fat, cholesterol, sugar, or sodium
  • Organic, flavorful, and easy to prepare

Ingredient Highlights:

The only ingredient in our Matcha Powder is organic Japanese matcha green tea powder. No fillers, nothing artificial, nothing you don’t really need! Plus, you can also enjoy the benefits of some important nutrients every time you enjoy this product. 

  • Matcha green tea powder is all natural and loaded with antioxidants that support your health in a variety of ways. Compared to green tea, it can provide higher amounts of antioxidants, including EGCG. Our matcha powder is full of flavor and all you have to do is mix it in some hot water to enjoy it whenever you want. 
  • Potassium is also found in our Matcha Powder, which provides 27 mg per serving. It supports the muscles, heart, nerves, and metabolism, and is important to every cell. 

Full Ingredients List:

  • 100% organic Japanese matcha green tea powder
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